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KuuBaby Productions was founded in Los Angeles, CA by Kuu Sanford. As a dancer who started off in the corporate and non-profit sectors working as an Executive Assistant, Kuu came to understand both the professional and creative side of the entertainment industries.

She started her first business in January 2021 and realized many creatives were looking for professional expertise in growing their brands in a way that didn't break their bank. 

KuuBaby Productions is focused on helping individual creators and up and coming businesses build out their visions with quality services and professionalism. With clients in dance, fashion, and non-profits, KuuBaby Productions brings high quality services at an affordable price. 

Image by Daniel Fazio


Empowering creatives and entrepreneurs to expand their impact and reach through engaging events and professional platforms.

Image by Garrhet Sampson
Image by Daniel Fazio

Ask Away

We're here to help you figure out the best way to go about building your brand/ business.

Let us know your questions!

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